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Excursiocity: Art Around Town - Trenton's Art All Day Open Studio Tour

No matter the city, most urban centers offer some type of artistic fix for the creative connoisseur; some tame, some off the wall, all of them new and exciting. I seek them out.

Saturday, November 12th is the day of Trenton, NJ's ART ALL DAY, the capital city's annual studio tour.

You will begin the tour at Artworks, Trenton's art center, then use provided maps to make your way around the city (by walking, bicycling, or trolley) to the art studios and creative spaces where the artists live and work. There are over 85 artists participating at 23 locations throughout the city! The tour starts at 12:00 noon and goes until 5:00 pm. After, there will be a reception and group art show at Artworks. Parking is free.

You can find all the information on Art All Day at their website here.

Come on out and discover new art and artists and see what all the buzz is about in New Jersey's Capital City.


"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life".
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