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Anthony Fearron: Embodying Past, Present & Future

Blissful 2011 2" X 10"

Upon meeting him, it is impossible not to feel the intensity of Anthony Fearron’s personality; an intensity that leads to his passion about his art and about life; one that is justified by Anthony’s work, for it explodes with frenetic energy and color and movement. He calls his style Urban Futurizm! He is influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jackson Pollack, but Anthony’s art stands by itself and speaks its own language.

It was at the ‘Three Guys Show’ exhibit in Trenton at Artworks Gallery in 2009, where I first met Anthony Fearron. Anthony, myself and artist Karey Maurice were the three artists exhibiting. It was great to see his artwork for the very first time. I was taken by his work's energy and movement, and to me his work had a similarity to maps - vibrant, moving and frantic maps.

Anthony and I have bumped into each other at different art events over the years, one where he was DJ-ing, and I asked if he would be up for an interview so we could get the 411 on his work.

STM: Anthony, thank you for taking the time for this Q and A with us. So, what is the reason for art? What meaning does art have in your life and how did that meaning develop?

AF: The reason for art is the expression of self in a journey of the unknown beyond my imagination. Art is the extension of my humanity. It developed from symbolism and languages in math and from my father and his interest in the Arts.

STM: What are you intending to communicate with your art?

AF: With the extension of my humanity the impossible becomes the extension of the possible.

STM: What do you call the kind of art you create?

AF: Urban Futurizm. My art speaks its own language. It embodies past, present & future and the failure to notice ourselves and other realities around us or understand the galaxies within galaxies.

Tri-Borough Triptych (Three Panel) 14" X 11"

STM: Tell me about your creative process.

AF: My creative process is my journey. Being entwined with my emotions enables me to start the process. I use acrylic paint, gesso, spray paint and markers on canvas. The canvas is markered down and then I gesso it…it’s really just art from my imagination.

STM: Many people, sometimes even artists themselves, have the view that the starving artist’s image is true. Do you find that to be so? What bearing does that view have on your efforts in an artistic career?

AF: Not true for me. It started out of passion and not my fears. I never had those thoughts.

The Element 2014 40" X 30"

STM: How have you struggled to get to where you are now and how have your struggles affected your work? What have been your greatest obstacles?

AF: I have always struggled with myself and the world around me, yet when I paint I am in an altered state, beyond the physical. Though it’s hard working regular jobs and trying to paint. Obstacles such as finances have held me back. My greatest obstacles are wanting to paint every day but not having the financial backing to do what I love.

STM: Considering money, fame, and notoriety, artists always have something they want. What do you want?

AF: I choose notoriety first, then compensation. STM: Do you consider yourself to be succeeding in getting this and why?

AF: Of course I do, Life is Happening For Me!

Blissful 2011 2" X 10"

STM: What was your biggest setback or failure? Where did it take you?

AF: I was my biggest setback because of my mindset, but not any longer! I’ve learned from all of my mistakes and move forward to success!

STM: What’s working for you in your artistic career/endeavors? What things have you found don’t work so well?

AF: Managing myself was unsuccessful so I incorporated my Art Director, Susan Bellish Fanning, former director of Anton Kandinsky.

Anthony Fearron with his Art Director Susan Bellish Fanning

Anthony Fearron with Art Director, Susan Bellish Fanning

Anthony Fearron at Art Expo NYC 2016 with Susan Giles, Nancy Giles of CBS, Jeffrey Giles, Tim Barnes, Phillip Fearron, and Deborah Williams.

STM: You showed your work at Art Expo NYC 2016. How was that experience?

AF: It was an amazing experience having people from all over the world enjoying my works of art, which I wasn't prepared for at all... very humbling. But it was a lot of work preparing and finishing up the show as far as the crew assistance (Tim Barnes of Jim Thorpe, PA, Vanrea Fearron of Harlem, NYC, Susan Bellish Fanning, Exhibit Director and Artist Liaison for Fearron Arts of Cream Ridge, NJ, Executive Susan Giles of Hamilton, NJ, my wife and the assistance of Phillip Fearron of Hempstead, NY).

STM: To what other activities have your creative abilities taken you?

AF: I’m a Professional DJ, music producer, and radio host. I’ve DJ’d at WSRU 88.7 FM for 14 years on my show, the Maddtronix MoodShow, doing experimental and improvisation free-form. We were the first to introduce Dubstep over the radio. Recorded live: Dubstep 2006. and

STM: Looking back on everything you’ve done, is there anything you’re most proud of?

AF: Each piece has its only statement, journey, and destiny. I am proud of every piece of art that I create.

STM: On occasion, people who are not artists may ask questions which artists sometimes feel are not appropriate, like “Do you make a living from your art? How much?” or questions not easily answered, like “How long did that take you to make”. How do you feel about those types of questions? How do you answer them?

AF: Of course every artist would like to make their living on their passion, but I must, at this time, receive additional compensation. I do not reveal my income.

There are many times that I work on a piece, and then return to it for more energy on the canvas, so it is hard to determine how long it took to create it.

I understand people are curious, but I reveal what is appropriate to me.

48 Hours 2014 36" X 24"

STM: What do you want people to know about artists?

AF: Artists are creative, passionate dreamers, and want to express on canvas their connection to humanity.

Each artist tells a different interpretation of their rendition of art.

Wave of Dreams 2009 20" X 18"

STM: Who is “Anthony Fearron”?

AF: Anthony Fearron is on his own journey, expressing his mind through his art and his passion for life.

STM: What is the one thing you want people to know about you?

AF: There is a timid, shyness in his personality, but yet, I love people and have a huge interests in their lives. I am just like creative people, we don't like to talk much about ourselves, but we love the challenges of what we do.

STM: Where can people find you and your work?

AF: My work is shown and available at Euphemia Gallery 200 North Main St. Hightstown, NJ, and Exit 7A 9 West Front Street Trenton, NJ. I also exhibit at Anita Shapolsky Gallery in Jim Thorpe, PA.

You can find me at and

Design By Anthony Fearron 2015

STM: Thank You Anthony for taking the time to talk with us. AF: Thank You Thom.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life".
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