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Ask A Gallerist: Should I buy insurance for my art?

Should I buy insurance for my art?

Depending on the value of the piece or pieces, one might consider insurance for art. If the collector has only a few pieces and they cannot be replaced, because the work is original, it is not going to be replaced exactly. The collector can buy another piece of same value or replace with another piece from same artist and of same value. Remember most insurance policies have an insured's deduction before paying on the claim. So it is wise to calculate the extra amount paid into the policy for the art and include the co pay before purchasing additional insurance. It might be less money to self insure. In otherwise just pay on one's own for replacement. HOWEVER, if the collector has an extensive collection or owns only one or two very valuable pieces, it is wise to have the work appraised for insurance purposes. ALL should be in writing and from an accredited appraiser. Always have a list of art and value in case of fire, water or storm damage. It is a good idea ato take photos of all work and make it retrievable.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life".
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